April 18, 2024

Sony a7 IV, a9x? – Is it almost here?

Update 1/26/21: It was the Sony A1 !

The Sony Camera YouTube channel has scheduled a video titled New Product Announcement for January 26, 2020 at 10:00 EST! Will it be an update to the popular Sony a7 or will it be the Sony a9 line of cameras? 

Sony Camera Channel – YouTube

Either way it’s exciting because lets face it, new tech – GOOD!

Sony a7IV?

The Sony a7iii was released April 2018, so it’s already approaching 3 years on the market. It’s not quiet the four years between the Sony a7ii and Sony a7iii, but we can hope. I’m still using the a7ii, so I can’t personally comment on the a7iii, but from everything I’ve read and watched the a7iii is an amazing camera so it’s hard to imagine what features will be introduced for the new iteration. Nothing is stopping us from speculating however: 8k video? Improved ISO performance? Better auto focus? 

“The one never seen”

Another possibility, and as rumors suggest, is that Sony is planning to announce a new “pro body” camera in the form of an addition to the a9 line. This new camera is expected to sport a bigger frame, support 8K video recording, have dual memory slots, IBIS, and will carry a $6000 price tag.

We’ll find out on Tuesday!

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